Local fundraising example:
Bazaar coupon for children needing medical care

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Fundraising with corporations, Online/media fundraising


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
114 days, 10 staffs and 17 volunteers

Team discussion on how to reach the biggest audience possible
A happy supporter with her coupons
Sharing 'unclaimed' food with former patients
OrganisationKolewa Harapan Indonesia
Funding needed forMattresses and cleft lip surgeries
Period of action13 June - 5 October 2023
In-kind donations raisedNo
Types of donationsFinancial donations, purchase of coupons
Types of donorsIndividual donors, government


This is the story of an organisation operating on Bali and the adjacent islands. A local fundraising training, conducted by Satunama, the Indonesian member of the Change the Game Academy alliance, expanded their experiences, revealing the incredible fundraising opportunities in Indonesia due to the extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit of the people. The training emphasized the need for organisations to be self-reliant and not solely dependent on foreign funding.

“To become an independent foundation requires a process. Financial aspects are crucial in an organisation. The funds we collect in Indonesia, when compared to foreign currencies, are relatively small. We save the funds received from foreign sources by depositing them. In terms of finances, it cannot happen immediately; it is indeed a gradual process.” – Anna, the executive director of Kolewa Harapan Indonesia, says.

Tips and lessons learned

1. Financial management involves depositing foreign funds and forming a Local Fundraising team. Annual policy plans guide expense categorisation for effective financial planning.
2. Building networks with local businesses involves legal preparations and forming committees. Our Coupon bazaar with Ayam Goreng collaboration yielded substantial profits. Efficient outreach through known connections and social media.
3. Regular reports to the Department of Social Affairs and donors ensure transparency. Audits are conducted for financial accountability.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

Kolewa's movements showcase the potential of local fundraising. Their emphasis on collaboration with local businesses, such as the Ayam Goreng partnership, provides an example for neighbouring regions to explore similar opportunities. Additionally, diversifying fundraising channels, as demonstrated by Kolewa through kitabisa.com, adds flexibility and reliability to fundraising efforts. Kolewa's LFR success emphasizes local engagement, systematic planning, and diversified fundraising as key elements for non-profit organisations striving for self-sufficiency.


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Kolewa Harapan Indonesia was officially registered as an NGO in 2017. The organisation operates in the fields of health, education and community. In the health sector, they provide free cleft lip surgeries and assist children or adolescents with accidents and burns. In education, they offer free hearing tests and hearing aids, and they enrolled and support 21 deaf children in special schools. In the community sector, they assist residents without access to electricity and provide clean water. Annually, they support 200 children, covering costs of their accommodation, transportation, and meals.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
The purchase of 11 new mattresses.
Payment of cleft lip surgery for three children.

Summary of fundraising action
Kolewa Harapan Indonesia participated in a Local Fundraising training in Yogyakarta for 5 days, which was an extraordinary experience. It opened their minds and energised them for fundraising. Although they had done LFR before, this time they gained insights into LFR methods, processes, and steps, which were previously unknown to them. After returning from Yogyakarta, they applied LFR principles by organising a coupon bazaar, aiming to purchase mattresses for the foundation. Since their existing mattresses were not suitable, they initiated a local fundraising campaign by printing bazaar coupons. They collaborated with a company providing packaged fried chicken meals (Ayam Goreng) and printed 1000 coupons using various methods to distribute them, including visits to acquaintances. They shared their campaign on social media and mobilised their friends. Former parents of patients who had undergone surgery and with whom Kolewa Harapan maintained good relations, bought coupons as well. Finally, there were generous donors who bought one or more coupons, but did not take the coupons with them. Kolewa handed in the coupons and shared the food thus obtained with former patients.
“Out of the 1000 printed coupons, 880 were sold, resulting in funds of IDR 18 million (approx. EUR 1.100). The affordable coupon price made it accessible to various income groups, not limited to the middle and upper classes.” – Anna, President of Kolewa Harapan Indonesia

With the IDR 18 million, they purchased 11 mattresses. In addition to the bazaar coupon, they extended fundraising efforts to the kitabisa.com, Indonesia’s platform for crowdfunding. Through this, they connected with kitabisa.com members, establishing relationships and collaboration. Subsequently, they held meetings to strategize and conduct online fundraising. Collaborating with kitabisa.com, one of their campaigns successfully reached the target for cleft lip surgeries, accumulating IDR 137 million (approx. EUR 8.355). They have performed surgeries on three children, utilising existing projects for fundraising purposes.

1. Encourage awareness about about Kolewa’s mission to help children with schisis, hearing problems, severe physical deformation due to burns, spina bifidaor anus atresia.
2. Raise funds to support the healthcare of children in Kolewa, who are waiting for surgery.
3. Raise funds to help more children who need surgery

Targeted donors
1. Kolewa’s existing supporters
2. Individual (public)
3. Government offices


Cost/benefitNational currency (IDR)Euro
Total amount raised155,000,0009,455
(-) Total amount invested850,00052
Net amount raised154,150,0009,403

Accounting details
Costs totalled to:
Printing cost: Rp. 500.000
Transportation cost: Rp. 350.000

Description of preparatory work
1. Meeting with board to decide the details of the fundraising.
2. Meeting with the company partner to seal the deal about the pricing, packaging, and the coupon’s claiming period, included in the coupon.
3. Printing the coupons (1,000 pcs).

Description of implementation
1. Organise all Kolewa staff to help with the distribution of coupons.
2. Organise which staffs go to the government office, which go to other places.
3. Conduct regular meeting with staff to update the progress of fundraising.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
The ACK company appreciated the cooperation so much that they chose Kolewa to receive CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funding.

Plans to repeat the action
Yes, we plan to repeat the action next year, with the same methods.

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