Local fundraising example:
Raffle and soup selling

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Beneficiary contribution, Raffle, Sales of products

Rural and Urban

Net fin result (€)


Time investment
2 months

Workshop on children´s rights
A happy participant
Talking heads
OrganisationMovimento de Adolescentes e Crianças (MAC)
Funding needed forPublication and promotion of the Statute of Children and Teenagers
Period of actionNo information available
In-kind donations raisedNo
Types of donationsProceeds of soup sale and raffle tickets
Types of donorsMembers of the local community


MAC works with teenagers and children to keep them away from social risks and promote popular culture and education. In order to publicise and promote the Statute for Children and Teenagers MAC organised a local fundraising action, with the help of the beneficiaries. The children who took part in the Workshop on Rights drew pictures which portrayed these rights and painted them on pieces of cloth. The pieces were sewn together by a seamstress from the community and formed a beautiful patchwork quilt. This quilt was then raffled, mobilising the whole of the community to buy tickets. A soup stall proved to be a second source of income. Chicken soup was sold to churchgoers right after mass ended on one particular Sunday.

Tips and lessons learned

Main challenges: to be able to reach the objective; to be able to mobilise people for one´s cause and make people aware that it is a good cause. Not giving up when faced with difficulties.
Main items of learning: that fundraising involves many other factors; that mobilising human resources is fundamental; it encouraged the Movimento to be autonomous and stimulated the children with regard to them playing a leading role.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

A strong point of this action is the involvement of the beneficiaries, who gained confidence in their ability to raise the necessary resources for their own activities. As the whole action was widely publicised in church, the community became more aware of the importance of MAC for their children.


To raise funds for the publication and promotion of the Statute for Children and Teenagers.
To create awareness in the community about the activities of the organisation.

Targeted donors
The local community as a whole.


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised1,3070
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised1,3070

Accounting details
Costs involved:
for the soup - ingredients and gas
for the quilt - paint, paintbrushes and cloth.
No further financial information available.

Description of preparatory work
The first team bought the ingredients, the second team prepared the soup.
Coupons were photocopied on sheets, which were then cut up and made into booklets with 10 coupons each. The booklets were distributed to MAC members to sell.
The decision to raffle a patchwork quilt with drawings by MAC children was made in a meeting. The children attended a workshop on their rights and drew what they had learned. The drawings were then transferred to pieces of cloth cut up by the seamstress. The children came back to paint the drawings on the cloth. The seamstress subsequently joined the pieces together.

Description of implementation
A third team sold the soup in front of the church, right after mass had ended.
The raffle was announced during mass for a number of weeks and the quilt was shown, emphasising that it was produced by the children at MAC.

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