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COVID-19: Talking walls for information and prevention

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Corona prevention using murals
OrganisationHope Raisers Initiative
Funding needed forInformation on and prevention of COVID-19 in slums
Period of actionTill the end of May 2020
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Types of donationsFinancial
Types of donorsVisitors of crowdfunding platform M-Changa


Information about the current pandemic, Covid-19, has spread globally, through newspapers, TV and social media. Most of us know what to do to prevent the spreading. We also know the consequences of not following the recommendations coming from the World Health Organisation, the government and health institutions.

However, there is a big information gap among the most vulnerable communities in informal settlements, who have no access to Internet, TV, smart phones or newspapers. The lack of information put them at great risk during this crisis, and in case of an outbreak they will be the most affected. This project seeks to bridge the gap of access to information within the most vulnerable communities. Through mural installations we wish to create community awareness and depict prevention measures on Covid-19.

Through our own means we managed to pilot the first Talking Wall Covid-19 in Korogocho, the 4th largest informal settlement in Nairobi. The community response and impact has been incredible, and we have realized a big need in reaching out to more communities through the same approach.

This fundraising is set up to enable us to purchase paints, brushes, undercoat and necessary means for the local artists to implement the project in two neighboring communities in Nairobi. Due to the urgency of the matter, we wish to complete the two Talking Walls in May. We wish to showcase the role of art during crisis and help the community understand the importance of prevention in spreading the virus.

If we manage to reach our goal, we will be able to create awareness within the community to take prevention measures and understand the importance of social distancing, hand washing etc.

The project budget is only $ 1.500.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

It's only a few days since this example was put on the website and already the counter is above $ 400. Well-deserved too! Look at the beautiful way in which the artists present crucial information about the prevention of COVID-19. You have to watch, don't you. This is a very effective way to inform people who are not so media-savvy or even illiterate.



Cost/benefitNational currency ($)Euro
Total amount raised295272
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised295272

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