Local fundraising example:
June festival

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Festival / fair, Sales of products, Special or annual day celebration


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
6 months

June Festival celebration
Preparations for the June Festival
OrganisationCentro de Referência da Infância e Preservação da Vida - Casa Guará
Funding needed forThe future sustainability of the organisation
Period of actionJune 2013
In-kind donations raisedYes
Types of donationsPayment for food and drinks, in-kind donations (among which also goods for the bazar)
Types of donorsFriends and local businessmen, the inhabitants of the Casa Branca community


Casa Guará undertakes social and cultural activities for children and youth in the Casa Branca community. In order to attract new donors and supporters Casa Guará in 2013 organised the first June Festival. The organisation of the festival was sponsored by friends of the Casa and local businessmen. During the June Festival, which is a traditional fest in Brazil, typical food is sold. The children organised an Afro-Guará Week, where they showed traditional dance and capoeira, and typical food was also sold. At the time of the Festival the bazar opened for the first time, where goods are sold in aid of the work of Casa Guará, providing regular income.

Tips and lessons learned

Casa Guará involved many people in the preparation and execution of the activities and established partnerships with local schools. This induced the community to get closer to the group.
A joint effort with a motivated and organised team makes all the difference.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This is a good example how to use an annual feast for fundraising activities. It is important to find sponsors for the organisation of the festival, so that the revenues can be used solely for the purpose the funds are raised for. This is also a good action to repeat more than once. To use the Festival to promote the bazar - which would be open every month from then on - is also a good point.


To attract new donors and supporters, in order to guarantee the future sustainability of the organisation.

Targeted donors
Local businessmen, inhabitants of the neighbourhood.


Cost/benefitNational currency (R$)Euro
Total amount raised3,1231,097
(-) Total amount invested18565
Net amount raised2,9381,032

Accounting details
Friends and local businessmen contributed to the organisation costs of the June Festival.

Description of preparatory work
Establishing working groups.
Regular meetings to monitor and plan actions.
Looking for partners.
Organising logistics.

Description of implementation
Casa Guará established partnerships with private institutions in the surroundings, which supported the group with donations and publicity.
A car with sound system made rounds through the community, inviting everyone to the June Festival. Many people attended.
During the Festival a permanent bazar was opened, which is now open every month.
A group of volunteers is responsible for the collection of new goods to be sold at the bazar: shoes, clothes, accessories.

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