Local fundraising example:
Purchase of new motor pump for water supply

Main characteristics

Fundraising method
Major donor fundraising


Net fin result (€)


Time investment
About 2-3 months, from approaching donor to installing motor pump

Washing hands at the taps outside
Pupils walking on a much greener school compound
Teenage pupils in classroom
OrganisationSebeta Blind School (SBS)
Funding needed forThe purchase of a motor pump to secure the water supply
Period of actionJuly, 2021 – September, 2021
In-kind donations raised
Types of donationsCash
Types of donorsA bank


Sebeta Blind School has been in existence for over 70 years and is the only blind school run by the government of Ethiopia. It is a residential school, home to about 370 blind or visually impaired children, both girls and boys. When their motor pump burnt out, the school found itself with a big problem. The pump was essential for their water supply. The school management decided that this was the time to put into practice what they had learned during a Change the Game Academy local fundraising training. They made a survey of potential donors in their area and submitted a project proposal to Awash bank, who indeed made a positive decision. Just a few months later, the problem was solved.

Tips and lessons learned

1. Having a resource mobilisation team with manpower who understand the problem well and support the cause, can expedite the process of fundraising.
2. Beneficiaries are the ideal pitchers of the problem to possible donors and also the best acknowledgers afterwards.
3. When mapping possible donors, knowing which department or who to approach and be cognisant of their interest, character and circumstance immensely increases the probablity of securing their support.

Review by Wilde Ganzen Foundation

This example deserves your attention for two really outstanding strategies by SBS:
The first one is that after the training they passed on their newly acquired knowledge to the teachers and the school community. A resource mobilisation team was formed, which played an important role when the necessity arose.
The second and perhaps even more commendable action is to give beneficiaries an active role in fundraising. Students and members of the school community pitching the need for a new pump to the Awash bank, can you imagine a more compelling presentation of a project?


Short description of the organisation the funds were raised for
Sebeta Blind School provides education and boarding for visually impaired children from the Oromia region, Ethiopia (Ethiopia's largest province). It's 30 kilometers far from Addis Ababa, heading southwest. It is a residential school home to about 370 blind or visually impaired children, both girls and boys. This is the only school for the blind run by the Ethiopian government and one of a few based in Ethiopia (run by churches). The school campus is located in a large wooded compound with beautiful gardens, trees, playgrounds, and courts. Each building holds about 40 kids.
Children are aged between 8 and 18. Until they pass grade 8 around the age of 14, the children live at the school and stay in the dorms; after that, they take lodgings outside the campus in the town for two more years. Most of the children group up to find a small apartment to keep the expenses within budget. Gathering and living together also help them to take care of their safety. After graduation, children can continue their education in regular high school with sighted peers. Then they can attend College.
The school provides the children with an education programme following local requirements, reading and writing braille classes. Progress starts with their ability to use computers installed in the school library. Computer skills can be life-changing for blind and visually impaired children. It gives them access to a world they would otherwise miss, helps them to compete equally with their peers when they leave school, and gives them a better chance of a truly independent life, particularly the opportunity to learn, extend their education, and social networking.
About half the teachers are blind themselves. Many of them have been trained at the Special Needs Teachers Education College, which lies next to Sebeta Blind School. Every year it allows training for about 1000 teachers from the region.

Short description of the project or programme the funds were raised for
The purchase of a new motor pump to provide water for drinking, hand washing, cooking food and proper hygiene to students and school community.

Summary of fundraising action
Sebeta Blind School received Local Fundraising training in 2021. After the training they provided training to the teachers and the school community. Based on what they learned during the training they prioritised the major school problems. On top of the list was the lack of water in school because of motor pump burnout. They identified possible local donors and submitted a project proposal to Awash bank. Awash bank management team approved the proposal and donated 300,000 Birr for the purchase of a motor pump.
“We have no sight but we have vision” is our slogan. "The local fundraising training by Change the Game Academy opened our sight to look at the resources we have locally”, SBS Director Mr. Berhanu said.

Financial support to purchase a new motor pump for water distribution in the school compound from the water well.

Targeted donors
Awash bank


Cost/benefitNational currency (ETB)Euro
Total amount raised300,0005,550
(-) Total amount invested00
Net amount raised300,0005,550

Result comments
Now that the school can provide clean water again, attendance of students dramatically improved. They have more time to focus on education and have improved health. Safety of students and the school community has improved too.

Description of preparatory work
First, SBS prioritised the school problems and shortage of water supply was the most critical one.
The management team listed all possible solutions and came up with the sustainable and reliable one: installing a new motor pump to the existing water well.
Mapping possible donors for motor pump purchase was their next move, accompanied by price and quality comparison of the appliance in the market.

Description of implementation
Using the management team, which after the local fundraising training also serves as the resource mobilisation team, SBS took the next step to reach out to the mapped possible donors with formal letter of request for financial assistance.
The bank was convinced by the pitch of students and the school community representatives. Next procedures were handled by the marketing department of the bank, after the school submitted a proposal on the matter.

Follow up: Donor appreciation and acknowledgement
We organised an acknowledgment event. A certificate of recognition was given by the mayor of Sebeta town on behalf of the school, and there were words of appreciation from beneficiary students and the school community representatives.

Plans to repeat the action
SBS already has contacted the bank for further support and they are optimistic about receiving another grant for procurement of either an embossing machine or braille slates for students.

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